ARTEMIS is a family of Night Vision Stand Alone Sights with 3X, 4X, 6X magnification for infantry weapons. The sights are of low weight, small dimensions, have good boresight retention and high performance under all light conditions due to optimised optics and high-performance US or European 12 tubes.
The kinematic mounting bracket assembly allows direct mounting of the sights on Picatinny rails, precise adjustment in elevation and azimuth, and retention of boresighting under harsh conditions. The reticle is red illuminated, while the reticle cell can be easily replaced in the field without tools to take into account the different ballistic properties of different weapons and ammunition.

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EREBUS is a Night Vision Clip-on Afocal Sight for mounting on top of optical day sights and laser range finders to provide night vision capability. Featuring the biggest objective lens among the fielded night vision attachments it offers the highest possible recognition and identification rangers when attached to sniper rifle sights and laser range finders. With its 6.85-degree FOV, it is closer to the narrow FOV of most large magnification sights and a perfect match to the field of view of most laser range finders.
Due to its exact, factory set, 1X magnification, EREBUS mounts with special mounting brackets on LRFs and day sights without affecting their bore sighting settings. Recticle readings, eye relief distances and shooting/ observation practices remain the same as in day time.
For increased shooting accuracy, with the large magnification sights, the sight is offered in a FAB (Field Adjustable Boresight) version equipped with elevation and azimuth (EL/AZ) controls as well as with Manual Gain Control capability.

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THEON SENSORS’ DAMΩN family of Clip-On Night Vision Devices (CNVDs)  was developed to provide soldiers with an unrivaled night vision and target  acquisition capability. The clip-on sights are designed for use in tandem with medium or long range day sights to provide targeting at night, while maintaining  the day optic’s ballistic zeroing.
DAMΩN is simple in operation with ON/OFF/Manual Gain Control and Focus  knobs ergonomically positioned on the device.
DAMΩN attaches quickly and with a simple way to picatinny rails (optional use of single lever mounts). No removal of the day sight or any boresighting  is required, thus eye relief shooting position and user’s muscle memory remain  the same. Day sight’s exit eye box is retained via DAMΩN’s large collimating optics.
DAMΩN is manufactured of aircraft-grade aluminum and is fully military  specified and tested. An additional picatinny rail enables installation of auxiliary  equipment such as an IR illuminator etc.

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