THEON INTERNATIONALS THERMIS Mk2 family of uncooled Thermal Clip-on Sights (TCS)  was developed to provide soldiers with an unrivaled day/night advantage in detecting, observing and engaging hostile targets, independent of darkness and common obscurants used for visual concealment.
THERMIS Mk2 models are multipurpose and can be used either as a Clip-on or Stand Alone Sights on any weapon platform up to 0.50" caliber for targeting and observation or as a Handheld Thermal Imager. 
THERMIS Mk2 family of sights incorporate the latest IR sensor, electronics and optical technologies to deliver world leading performance and reliability. They generate superior IR imagery, ensuring target recognition at the maximum possible range. Tailored engine design is coupled with intuitive user interface to deliver maximum range performance. User-selectable image enhancement and region-of-interest settings result in an enhanced user experience, while automatic local contrast enhancement delivers superior image quality. Optimized control of the image processing and region-of-interest settings result in enhanced user experience. Local contrast enhancement delivers superior image quality. The built-in digital compass and inclinometer provide navigation and target orientation.
Modern inter-connectivity options provide agile and customizable integration with a broad range of platforms (ATAK etc.).

Rear-positioned controls accompanied by an electrical remote control and honeycomb-style reflection suppressor allow for covert operation under all conditions (optional accessories).

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