Theon Sensors offers a family of image intensified Night Driver’s Viewers for several types of armored vehicles and main battle tanks. With special-to-the-vehicle mounting bracket assemblies, the basic design can be fitted to virtually any type of vehicle. The mounting bracket assembly allows the viewers to rotate left and right with respect to a central detent position for surveillance when the vehicle is stopped. The viewers are installed (typically without tools or modifications to the vehicle) in a special opening of the driver’s hatch, where available, or replace one, usually the central, day periscope. When not in use, the viewers are stored in a metal container.
The viewers are supplied with a 25 mm format image intensifier tube and magnifier assembly. The tube offers Automatic Brightness Control (ABC) and Bright Source Protection (BSP). In addition to ABC and BSP, the viewers feature an Electronic Control Assembly that switches off the viewer when exposed to daylight conditions. Operation is simple with only one single ON/OFF - Gain Control switch.

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